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Our experience at Transcend Hearing Centers has been excellent. Fast and efficient service with a professional willingness to service, sacrifice and please. My time as a hearing deficient person has taken on a different perspective entirely. The ability to hear again sure changes my world, and the fact that I’m treated with care lays to rest my wrestling with the fear of never being able to hear again.

The kind, caring attitude throughout makes me want to send our neighbors and friends to receive the fine service I’ve received. Satisfaction guaranteed - you bet - and I hope the business grows, as it’s an asset in knowing someone cares enough to please.

Sylvester F.

After being tested and fitted with my hearing aids and coming back for checkups, I am especially happy with the caring service that was given to me so that my hearing is at its best, especially with phone conversations and in large areas; it’s wonderful!

I’m very pleased and would recommend your hearing center to anyone who wants caring and top quality service, and the right hearing aid recommendation!

Mary K.

Grace and I want to thank you on our recent purchase of hearing aids and for your manner in taking care of our individual needs. We both are very happy and grateful for the improvement in our hearing. It has made a big difference in our everyday life.

In my case, hearing was always a problem, especially at places of employment. When time came available for advancement, I was most always passed by due to my hearing loss. My wife, Grace, also lost hearing in both ears. These problems were taken care of when we decided to go to your hearing center. And, how glad we are that you did such a fine job of selecting the right type of hearing aids that meet our needs.

Charles A.

Your hearing center has truly been a Godsend for us. After dealing with and paying out large sums of money over the years for hearing aids and not being able to hear, it’s wonderful to finally have hearing aids that really work. Your hearing exam was also very thorough and informative for us, and you have been great to work with for the past three years now.

Our thanks to you and your team!

Jim and Annie

I found the Transcend Hearing team to be so very kind and helpful. I was extremely pleased with their level of professionalism, including the way the hearing examination was handled, with no pressure to buy. I was also impressed with the follow-up appointments and adjustments I received. The team was very attentive and always welcoming, and I would recommend Transcend Hearing to anyone who has any trouble with their hearing!

Ed M.

The hearing aids I bought from Athens Hearing Center are the second pair of hearing aids I’ve had.  The pair I got at your center is so much better than the first pair I tried and worked with for about six years.  The service could not be better than at Athens Hearing Center.  This is why I have recommended your center to my friends who wear or need hearing aids!

Don S.

I so appreciate all that you have done to make it possible for me to hear. It was never a good thing to sit back from everyone while they were talking and having a good time. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, so I could not enter into the conversation, even answering questions that were never asked! I did not want to go anywhere, especially if there were a number of people there.

Thank you for your patience in tending to my needs. You worked so diligently to perfect the quality of hearing that I am enjoying now. Again, thank you so much and God bless you for what you are doing for others.

Sarah G.

If not for the free hearing test, I would have put off my problem. I had struggled for some time with my hearing, and was relieved to know you could help. The results were instantaneous. When you placed the hearing aids in my ears, I could clearly hear what I had been missing!  The hearing aids are comfortable, and I forget I’m wearing them. The case you gave me to store the hearing aids at night is easy to spot, so I don’t forget to remove them.  

Thank you for customer service above and beyond what I had expected!

Virginia D.

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