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  • You can hear people speaking but strain to understand their words
  • You turn up the TV volume so loud that it is uncomfortable for others
  • You find yourself complaining that people mumble
  • You cannot understand conversation in groups
  • You have difficulty hearing or understanding conversation in restaurants, or other noisy places
  • You find it easier to understand people when they look directly at you. You watch their lips to understand their words
  • You don't always hear the phone or doorbell ring clearly
  • It has become difficult to understand a speaker at a business meeting or church service
  • You often hear a ringing or buzzing in your ears

Signs of Hearing Loss

You may be experiencing the effects of hearing loss if...

If you, a loved one or friend are experiencing any of these signs of hearing loss, please visit one of our hearing center locations for a free hearing evaluation. Learn more about the steps of a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

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